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Welcome in the Hackers Laboratory Group - Every One is Free to Join!

This group have the goal to help and works together to find the for robotics need in the most free way as possible.

One of our principle is to find the most K.I.S.S. principle way of think for all challenge.

Why this Mechatronics Hackers Laboratory?

Hackers-lab is born from the need of free ways in robotics. We have start to works as beta tester on but as you can see, Poppy is Open Source and that mean lot of trouble from cobotic with missing software of curiosity and missing hardware information that are keept back by the owner of the project.

So because this evolution is real, we just can't stay doing nothing in front of that need and works as best as we can to free that solutions. (as cheaper as possible).

How contact us to works together?

You can join us on #Hackers-lab

Signification of the Logo

This logo is the representation the Hackers logo mix with different Sciences Elements.

Add your Experience

Share your experience of mechatronics of works, which software/hardware you use, you build, link your screenshot ...

Join Us!

You can add a user box supporting Hackers-lab by putting
{{user Hackers-lab}}
on your user page.
Note Hackers Laboratory Group
Region WorldWide
Area WorldWide
Website Hackers Lab
Available language(s) English
Contact Aurélien
Members 2
Description The Hackers Mechatronic group help and works together with you to find best ways to solve mechatronics needs.
Current status Active
HL.png Worker & Student on Hackers Laboratory.