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Some Intel GPUs are known to work with fully free software.

As they are not available as discrete GPUs, to use a computer with such GPU with fully free software, you need to have the whole computer at least boot with fully free software.

Several laptops and mainboards have such GPUs and are supported by Libreboot.

Note that not all Libreboot or RYF compatible laptops and mainboards have Intel GPUs.

The following laptops have an Intel GPU that can work with only free software:

  • ThinkPad X60 / X60s / X60 Tablet
  • ThinkPad T60 with the Intel GPU only
  • Thinkpad X200 / X200S/ X200 Tablet
  • Thinkpad ThinkPad R400
  • ThinkPad T400 / T400s
  • Thinkpad T500
  • ThinkPad W500

Most if not all of them have been certified with the RYF certification.

The following Libreboot supported Mainboard may also have an Intel GPU:

  • Gigabyte GA-G41-ES2L
  • Intel D510MO
  • Intel D945GCLF