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The h-node website has a section about printers, but that section is concerned about the compatibility of computers (like your laptop that runs FSF approved distributions) with existing printers. It doesn't treat the printer as a computer that can run potentially free software.

So here we're interested in both the software that runs inside the 3D printer and the software required to interact with the 3D printers, and the RYF certification criteria is precisely about that. And some 3D printers even got the RYF certification.


The RepRap project is primarily focused on free designs and with free firmware. Firmware found in RepRap style 3D printers is typically based on Marlin firmware. All of the RYF printers are based on RepRap styles.

Respects Your Freedom awarded 3D printers

RYF.png The RYF website has a category about 3D printers.


In 2012, the LulzBot AO-100 3D from Aleph Objects was the first device to be awarded the Respects Your Freedom certification. Over the time newer models from LulzBot were also awarded the Respect Your Freedom certification.