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There seem to be a fully free software OS for the ti89 (Hw1/2), ti92+ and V200/89 Titanium calculators. On the V200/89 Titanium, USB is not supported.

It might be possible to flash it with fully free software if we manage to build tigcc on recent GNU/Linux distributions.

This way we would be able to build it, then sign it with the factorized keys, and flash it with the free flasher without relying on any nonfree software.

Note that this has not been tested yet because we need to refresh tigcc (and potentially upstream) patches.


Component Project Status
Free software compiler tigcc Strongly outdated, no more packages for recent GNU/Linux distributions
ti83c Unknown if it works for the TI89 or not.
Free software OS Pedrom To use it you need:
  • To compile it with tigcc which is outdated
  • To sign the build with the signing keys
  • To flash it with a free software flasher
Free software flasher RabbitSign Package available for several GNU/Linux distributions, require private keys to flash an OS.
Signing keys Signing keys Factorized