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List of laptops to evaluate

  • The new acer ARM chromebook (Tegra K1, probably unsigned, problematic wifi, no 100% free distro for it(ARM))
  • Other ARM laptops:
    • Efika MX(I.MX51 sounds promising).
    • AC100 (look if bootloader is signed)
    • Touchbook (Obsolete?, Too fragile?)
    • Other ARM Netbooks/Notebooks.
  • Other non-ARM laptops:
    • System76 (9 different models offered, Only their Intel models use Coreboot and GPLv3 licenses)
    • Purism Librem 13 & Librem 14

Partial evaluation

Brand and Model Type Possible issues Compatible free BIOS Replacements Compatible 100% Free software distributions Availability
Chromebook 13 (CB5) Thin notebook
  • Storage, RAM, wifi card are soldered.
  • Wifi card requires a non-free firmware.
  • Too fragile ?
  • other issues ?
  • coreboot
  • None yet (ARM)
  • Shipping (Where?)