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This set of pages will mostly talk about WiFi access point computers. They are typically computers with very small amount of storage and RAM and run usually custom GNU/Linux distributions.

Note that it is also possible to make your own WiFi access point with:

  • A computer supported by regular FSDG compliant distributions
  • A compatible WiFi card (ath9k compatible cards are the best for that. They support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz).
  • Some configuration

There are also WiFi access points made with computers with a bigger amount of storage and/or RAM, but they are usually more expensive or less well known. Depending on the CPU architecture of these WiFi access points, it might be possible to run regular FSDG compliant distributions.


There are some WiFi access point that got the RYF certification. They can be found in the router category.


  • LibreCMC supports several WiFi Access points.


This section contains research about getting LibreCMC