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A Tour of IceCat

What is IceCat?

GNU IceCat is a fast and modern web browser that derives from Mozilla Firefox. IceCat comes with tools that help protect your freedom and privacy! You can get IceCat from:

Getting Started

When you first install IceCat, you will be greeted by the "Start Page"

From the Start Page, you can browse the web via DuckDuckGo with the search bar, or you can change the privacy settings.

If you would rather set a different site as your homepage, go to [Menu -> Preferences -> Startup] and add any URL to the "Homepage" section, for instance:

Searching the Web

In IceCat, you can search the Web many different ways. The most popular way is to type whatever you want into the search bar of the start page, however, you can also type a full URL into the URL bar on the top of the page, or, in the URL bar, you can also type keywords as if it were a search bar! Very intuitive indeed.

There is a "Search Bar" next to the URL bar. By default this will be DuckDuckGo search, but you can change the default search engine by going to [Menu -> Preferences -> Search -> Default Search Engine] and selecting any one on the list!


If you visit a website very often, it's usually a good idea to "Bookmark" it for easy access. To bookmark a site, go to the website and click on the bookmark icon (the star), from there click "Bookmark this site", add a name for your bookmark and click "Done" (or press "Enter"). Now whenever you want to visit that site again, press the bookmark icon again & it'll be right there in your bookmark list!


Although IceCat is great on its own, you may want to extend its capabilities even further with the use of addons! There is a list of useful addons at

(in the section "Related Projects")