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Hi there activist,

This is a relatively new LibrePlanet London team which needs your help!

The purpose of this group is to promote computer science literacy, digital civil rights awareness and to encourage the adoption of free software and hardware that respects your freedom worldwide. We want to work on behalf of indigenous cultures around the world to minimise the production of e-waste and the production and purchase of devices that are beyond the control of their users. Key work for this group will be to offer outreach locally to the elderly, LGBTQIA communities, the disabled, rough sleepers, the homeless and squatters along with vulnerable groups like asylum seekers. Students are encouraged to form their own student groups from within their respective universities. Members of other likeminded groups for instance members of FSFE, FreeCycle, London Hackspace or Open Rights Group volunteers are encouraged to join and liaise between this group and others.

Please join and get involved.

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