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Help us comment on news articles and blogs. This is especially important when the issues we care about are either being left-out of the article and when we disagree with the article completely. When commenting, it is helpful to direct people toward articles on and

How To

How to use this page:

  • Please create a new section or subsection for each news worthy target you would like to add.
  • Please add a note about why they are currently news worthy; linking to any relevant FSF or Defective by Design news articles or actions.
  • Please add a signature and timestamp --~~~~ to each new entry or suggestion.
  • When a new target is added, use the **News-target** tag, for example, {{#set:News-target=Sony}}

Try to order this page and each individual article in order from newest to oldest. If you can not comment on the article directly, perhaps see if there is a reddit page for the article and then comment on that; but, you needn't submit a new article to Reddit if we don't actually want to promote the story!


Help us keep the pressure on Sony while they are still in the news. Here are some of our blog posts:

Articles to Comment On


Also see our list of sharing links.

--Jgay 13:37, 20 May 2011 (EDT)

Articles in need of comment

Amazon Ebooks

We urge you to find and comment on articles relating to the Amazon Kindle (which we call the "Swindle") as well as other DRM-based ebook readers and web sites.


  • Amazon's Kindle and Kindle ebooks
    • We often refer to the Kindle as the "Swindle" aka Swindle
  • Overdrive requires DRM on most of its titles

Articles in need of comment