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SW Missouri Gnu/Linux Users Group


It's not about price, it's about ethics, a free world, and free society. By securing a free software future one develops a society which allows anyone to participate and learn software and technology.Ethics for the greater good of humanity, free software allows everyone to engage in the development and advancement of software and technology. It removes the jail proprietary software places humanity in and allows freedom to share and help your friends and neighbors. A free world and free software to promote development of new ideas and technology. A free society which does not need to worry about the limiting rules of proprietary software, and any malicious features attached to the same.

To promote the use of free software and free documentation within computers in all areas of society. This organization will promote the use of free software in all levels of governments, businesses, and households.Our purpose will be the in support of the open society of collaborative free software development and distribution. Free software does not discriminate, as anyone can participate in it's use and development. We wish to expose the misuses of user freedom behind proprietary software and inform people and businesses about the benefits and use of free software.Through promotion and development of free software we are part of a greater good which will aid to secure humanities futures in a digitally free society. Within the digital free society one can come to the aid of others through the use of technology which otherwise would not be possible in a closed source, proprietary world.


Inform the public about free software and hold events to invite the public
Promote free software tools through projects, campaigns, and events to the public and members
Provide materials and increase the availability of free software to the public
Offer local help getting and using free software with the help of members within the team
Bridge connections between free software activists, users, and teams
Create smaller sub versions of the team throughout the state for the local public


Currently Second Thursday of each month. Next meet is Februrary 12 at 7pm In the Santa Fe Room at the Library Station on North Kansas Expressway in Springfield MO