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Welcome in the Minimalism Computing Ways Group - Every One is Free to Join!

This group have the goal to help users to find the most minimalistic ways to works in computing corresponding to their needs and knowledge.

The principle is to find the most K.I.S.S. principle to do all your works with.

Signification of the Logo

This logo is the representation of the Japanese Zen Minimalism.

Add your Experience

Share your experience of minimalism of works, which software and/or windows manager you use, link your screenshot ...


GNU Emacs respond of that way, you can configure it to respond to most of your needs.

. gnus for your mail
. w3m for the web
. emms for music and video
. ERC for irc connection
. identica-mode for
. docview for pdf reader
. scrot for screenshot

GNU Emacs have the particularity to be "extensible" which mean that you can add in your Emacs some more solution to respond to your needs, for example you can use identica-mode to use directly inside your Emacs session.


The "terminal" might be the best human interface device yet developed. Living without Xorg (or other GUI) is certainly possible, but the combination of Xorg and terminal applications is extremely powerful (especially while using screen and ssh).

. screen (aka gnuscreen) adds windows manager like features including: persistance after logout; multiple terminal sessions; not to mention copy and paste; plus much more!
. ssh for remote connections (scp for file transfers)
. emacs for text editing
. vim for text editing
. nano for text editing
. mutt for your mail
. elinks for the web (alternatives: links2 or w3m)
. mplayer for music and video
. moc Music on Console for music player (alternatives: "mpd+frontend", ncmpc, orpheus, cmus)
. irssi for irc connection [irssi-plugin-xmpp for Jabber/xmpp instant messaging]
. mcabber for jabber/xmpp instant messaging
. wget for download
. rsync for file synchronization
. wput for ftp transfert
. rtorrent for torrents (alternatives: bittornado)
. identicurse for client
. abook for address book (better alternative: create a text file to grep)
. htop for system monitor (colourful alternative to top)
. iftop for bandwidth monitor (requires root)
. iotop for drive I/O monitor (requires root)
. slurm colourful realtime network device monitor
. bmon for bandwidth monitor

Terminal Emulators

. xterm
. Is available on most systems.
. Configuration varies, but may including: .Xresources and/or .Xdefault-$HOSTNAME
. rxvt-unicode
. very light, good rendering, transparency support
. aterm
. light, transparency support
. eterm
. medium, includes menus, transparency support

Windows Manager


. Stumpwm is a very nice Common Lisp write windows manger, lite & fast, ideal for GNU Emacs users


. Awesome is a highly customizable tiling (or not) Windows Manager

Light XOrg Programs

. feh for image viewing (and setting X background)
. uzbl for web browsing (WebkitGtk+ browser, do one thing well and talk to other programs)
. dillo web browser its own engine
. scrot for screenshot


. Emacs and video out of X (the picture comes from a camera because of scrot which get the video part as blank out of X) [Out Of X]
. Emacs in Stumpwm running with C-hi books + ERC + GNUS + identica-mode + (in back M-x man + M-x shell (getting the scrot)= [EmacsInStumpwm.png]

Join Us!

You can add a user box supporting Minimalism by putting
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