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Reject proprietary formats: Say NO to secret documents!

The files created by Microsoft Office and Apple's iWork are not created in OpenDocument format -- instead, Microsoft and Apple control the formats their software create -- leaving users worldwide at their mercy, and with a string of incompatible documents.

You can make a difference!

By rejecting all files created in Microsoft Office and Apple iWork and pledging to use OpenDocument, you can send a strong message to your friends, colleagues and businesses that you do not support the actions of these companies.

By rejecting these files, you can open a friendly dialog with the person, and ask them to support a free society by using a free format like OpenDocument.

Why I'm rejecting your email attachment

To add your ideas for a great response, please create a login (or use your existing FSF login) and click the edit tab and then add your text to the list, click save!

  • Thanks for your email. Unfortunately you've sent me a Microsoft file format. To promote open standards on the web I'm only accepting documents in OpenDocument format. Please visit to get started with OpenDocument today.
  • Can you please resend your attachment in OpenDocument format? I refuse to accept Microsoft Word documents or Microsoft Excel documents, because using proprietary formats is bad for freedom and bad for the web. Please visit to get started with OpenDocument today.
  • I am unable to accept your attachment because it is in a proprietary format. Proprietary formats impose restrictions on users and infringe upon their freedoms. I would appreciate it if you would resend your attachment in OpenDocument format, which is non-proprietary. To read more about the OpenDocument format and why it is important to you, visit: To download free software that supports OpenDocument, visit: