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Problematic extensions

The official extensions repository offers many addons to extend with additional features.

While is free software, it has a policy of also listing proprietary extensions in with the free software ones.

With the purpose of fostering the development of fully-free alternatives, here is a list of the OpenOffice extensions that present some issue related to software freedom. This list can also serve as a resource for trying to fix the freedom issues of these extensions.

Please see Group:OpenOfficeExtensions/List for the list of free software extensions, and Group:OpenOfficeExtensions for more information about the listing, how use it, and how to contribute.

Extensions are listed by date of insertion into the list. Use the column sort buttons (Sort none.gif) to sort by name, etc.

Name Description Copyright status/License Freedom issues Version of the extension when it was reviewed
.riess Date Browser Date Browser No copyright stated. License is here. License is unclear about modification & Fredistribution. It does say "reselling" is not allowed. Contacting the author. 4.0.1
A Letras Install two functions in Calc in the section Text to describe a integer number in Spanish or English. J. Eduardo Moreno License permits only gratis verbatim distribution 1.1.0
Alternative dialog Find & Replace for Writer A better version of the Find/Replace subsystem. LGPLv2.1+ Lacks a package-wide license statement, and a copy of the license. Certainly worth contacting. 1.3.1
Auto Starter for Presentation documents Allows presentations to be autostarted on opening. No copyright stated Extension website says it is licensed under GPL but no copy of the GPL is included with the extension. 1.0.0
Calc2LaTeX A macro for converting tables. It makes making tables on LaTeX very easy. Public Domain per Extension doesn't explicitly define a license 0.2.4
DateTime2 Provides six functions to insert date or time or timestamp, as text / string or field / value, in Writer / Calc, Pre-formatted to user needs Unknown Copyrighted, no licensing information 2.0.3
eFax Extension for using eFax from within OpenOffice Sun Microsystems License states that you may not copy, modify or distribute the software. 1.0.0
MySQL Connector for Native driver for MySQL databases. LGPLv3 only. Windows (and probably other OS's) packages contain object code (DLLs) without a copy of the source code, or an offer to provide it. 1.0.0
OOoDesignedLabels A set of label templates. Copyrighted, no license stated. There is a commented out reference to the GPL in the packaging, so it might be worth contacting the author. 1.0.1
Kaleidoscope Enables OO.o Draw to make kaleidoscopic images. Described (within the packaging and on the extensions site) as being under the GPLv2 (only). Lacks a copyright statement, a per-file license statement (and disclaimer of warranty), and a copy of the license. Ripe for being contacted. 0.45
Barcode Tool to create barcode images. GPLv3+ Lacks a per-file copyright notice and license statement, and lacks a copy of the text of the license. Worth contacting. 1.3.1
Sun Presenter Console The Presenter Console Extension provides more control over your slide show presentations. LGPLv3 Includes binary software with no source code 1.0.3
German (de-DE frami) dictionaries German (de-DE frami) spell checking, hyphenation, thesaurus Spell check: GNU GPL Version 2 or 3, or OASIS 0.1. Hyphenation & thesauraus: GNU LGPL Not all source files include copyright notice or license header. 2010.05.25
A moneda Mexicana Install a funtion in Calc in the section Text to describe a mount in mexican coin. Unknown No copyright or licensing information included. 1.0.2
Polish Dictionary Pack Polish spellchecker, hyphenation rules & thesaurus. Spell check is GPL, LGPL, MPL or CC-SA 1.0, Thesaurus is LGPL 2.1. Hyphenation dictionary is part public domain & part LGPL Does not include a copy of the licenses. 1.0.2
Accentuate A macro to facilitate the use of accented and special characters or symbols. Copyright (c) 2008 Bill Hibbert No license specified 1.0.0
OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs Export & import to Google Docs, Zoho, WebDAV LGPL Software As A Service 2.2.0
mOOo Impress Controller Control Impress with a mobile device Unknown No copyright or licensing information 0.5.0
BorderLiner BorderLiner provides a simple method to draw borders in tables and some text elements in Calc and Writer. Unknown No copyright or licensing information 2.1.0
odt2pml - Writer to eReader Export Extension odt2pml exports a Writer document into a "Palm Markup Language" (PML) tagged plain text file, ready to be processed by DropBook for eReader. LGPLv3+ While the extension is free software it creates files for eReader, which is not free software, and the service includes DRM and other non-free ebook reading programs. 4.2.1
EuroOffice Adaptive Interface Adds various forms of eye-candy and automatic hiding of unused menu items. Ships with a standard proprietary EULA, i.e. freeware. Source is not available, none of the 4 Freedoms are permitted. 1.4.2
English to Hindi Dictionary and Thesaurus An English to Hindi dictionary and thesaurus OpenOffice website claims it to be GPL Contains no soure code, copyright or licensing information. Unable to contact author. 1.0.0
OoGdocsIntegrator Openoffice plugin providing integration with GoogleDocuments and Zoho. LGPL Software As A Service 1.0.2
PalOOCa Upload data from Calc to for analysis & reporting. LGPL Software As A Service 1.1.0
ExtensionName <extension description> <copyright and licensing info goes here> <describe here the freedom issues of this extension> <reviewed version info here>