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How to watch YouTube videos in WebM without proprietary JavaScript

Install LibreJS

LibreJS blocks non-free non-trivial JavaScript while allowing free or trivial JavaScript. The Firefox Add-on page allows for an easy one-click install in Mozilla Firefox.

Install free external player software

For GNU/Linux users

These programs will enable you to watch YouTube videos in free formats without using proprietary JavaScript.

Install totem-mozplugin-vegas

  • For deb-based distros (such as Trisquel or gNewSense): sudo apt-get install totem-mozilla
  • For yum-based distros: su -c 'yum install totem-mozplugin-vegas'

youtube-dl can be used from the command line to download and watch the videos. Use --format=45 or --format=43 to specify WebM format.

For any OS

Install FlashVideoReplacer:

How to upload a video to YouTube and ensure it is made available as WebM

YouTube now transcodes all uploaded videos into WebM, but the viewer must still use a flash video replacer to avoid proprietary JavaScript.

It is best to choose no advertising for your video, because that can also have the effect of making it require Flash to view in some situations.