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This page list which desktop environments or window managers are available in which FSDG distributions.

Some distributions have installers for specific desktop environments, that directly install the distribution with a specific desktop environment. While most of the time it's really trivial to install additional desktop environments or window managers once the system is installed, having a specific installer shows that the desktop environment is well supported by the distribution, and it can also be convenient as users don't need to install extra packages to get things working.

Self hosted GNU/Linux distributions

Desktop environment Graphic server Distributions
Wayland Xorg Dragora 3.0-beta1 Guix Hyperbola v0.4.2 Parabola PureOS 10 (byzantium) Trisquel 11 (aramo)
dwm Yes[1] Yes[2] Yes[3] No[4] Yes[5]
Enlightenment Yes[6] Yes[7] Yes[8] Yes[9]
Fluxbox Yes[10] Yes[11] Yes[12] Yes[13]
Gnome Yes Yes Yes, 64bit only (aarch64, x86_64) No[14] Yes Yes, Has a specific installer for it[15] Yes, Has a specific installer for it[16]
i3 No Yes Yes[17] Yes[18] Yes Yes[19]
IceWM No Yes Yes[20] Yes[21] Yes[22] Yes[23]
KDE Yes, Has a specific installer for it[15] Yes[24]
LXDE Yes[25] No[26] Yes[27] Yes, Has a specific installer for it[16]
LXQt Yes[28] No[29] Yes[30] Yes[31]
Mate Yes[32] No[33] Yes[34] Yes, Has a specific installer for it[16]
OpenBox Yes[35] Yes[36] Yes[37] Yes[38]
Sugar Yes[39] No[40] Yes Yes, Has a specific installer for it[16]
Sway Yes No Yes[41] No[42] Yes Yes[43]
Trinity Yes[44] No[45] No[46] No[47] No[48][49]
TWM Yes[50] Yes[51] Yes[52] Yes[53] Yes[54]
WindowMaker Yes[55] Yes[56] No[57] No[58]
XFCE Yes Yes[59] No[60] Yes Yes[61]
  2. dwm
  3. dwm
  4. dwm
  5. dwm
  7. enlightenment16
  8. enlightenment
  9. enlightenment
  10. fluxbox
  11. fluxbox
  12. fluxbox
  13. fluxbox
  14. We only have some gnome applications but for instance key packages like gnome-shell or equivalent are missing:
  15. 15.015.1
  17. i3-wm
  18. i3-wm
  19. i3
  20. icewm
  21. icewm
  22. icewm
  23. icewm
  24. kde-standard
  25. lxde
  26. lxde
  29. lxqt
  31. lxqt
  33. mate
  35. openbox
  36. openbox
  37. openbox
  38. openbox
  40. sugar
  41. sway
  42. sway
  43. sway
  45. At the time of writing, Guix has no trinity package.
  46. trinity
  47. trinity
  50. "Window managers such as TWM, DWM." from
  51. twm
  52. xenocara-twm
  53. xorg-twm
  54. twm
  55. windowmaker
  56. windowmaker
  57. windowmaker
  58. windowmaker
  59. xfce4-session
  60. xfce
  61. xfce4