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For some people, the infrastructure of FSDG compliant distributions is something important for choosing a distribution.

It's also useful to know about it to see how fragile the distribution is.



Hosting Hosting details Service Software Comments
GNU Git repositories
Mailing lists Mailman
GNU? Probably a small VM at the FSF[1] Builder and packages hosting:
MDC at INRIA (French academic research institution)? * Machine with a nonfree boot software[2] Builder and packages hosting:


Service Software Hosting Comments
Bug tracker Redmine Self hosted in a VM, probably in some machine with a nonfree boot software not controlled by Parabola.
git ?
Mailing lists Mailman


Hosting Hosting details Service Software Comments
FSF VM Contact mail address
IRC Bridge
OSUOSL managed by OSUOSL Bug tracker
  • Redmine
  • A web server (Apache? Nginx?)
  • OpenSSH with sftp enabled
  • A script inside the server to make new changes public
Mailing list
  • Mailman
  • Probably some SMTP server software


  1. If it's the same machine than the previous, the Ten years of failures talk at Ten Years of Guix says that is a "Virtual machine hosted at the FSF" and that it is "Too weak for our growing needs".
  2. See the Ten years of failures talk at Ten Years of Guix for more details.
  3. This allows to create secret repositories if necessary, for instance to work on criteria for choosing a community manager, to work on mails for reviewing applications for that, etc.