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This is the System-Hackers group page.


Welcome to the System-Hackers Group

This group have been created to help and spread informations about the Free Software Foundation activities, team, members, future members, software on the run, free distro activities, campaign, ...





Contact for question / problem with the wiki / system-hackers related concerns

For an emergency or a discussion about a situation you can use the contact mail form or join us on #libreplanet

There you can directly inform by mail the FSF ::


Needs to be filled out.

You can add a user box supporting the Free Software Foundation by putting
{{user FSF}}
on your user page.
Note Free Software Foundation System-Hackers Wiki
Region WorldWide
Area WorldWide
Mailing list
Available language(s) English
Contact Contact
Members 57
Description This is official home of LibrePlanet, GNU, and FSF System-Hackers. Come hack with us!
Current status HyperActive
Button-fsfmember.png This user supports the Free Software Foundation's actions all around the world and on the world wide web.

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