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Status of translations

This page will have the status of "in progress" translations.

The basic data points are:

  • URL of original (English) version
  • Status ("volunteered", "draft submitted, awaiting reviewer to volunteer", "draft submitted, reviewer volunteered, awaiting review", and "reviewed, awaiting publication", etc.)
  • Language (What language are you translating the article/video/etc to?)
  • Who is working on it, whether real name or pseudonym

The purpose is to utilize this transparency to help others better see which translations are in need of review.

Please also consider joining the fsf-translators mailing list to communicate translation work translations in progress

  • Fight to repair Spanish translation
* Status: Translated and reviewed, but a couple paragraphs were missing so asked for another review
* Page: <>
  • Fight to repair (Video) Chinese translation
* Status: Translated received by two separate reviewers; sent the original translation to the second person to submit.
* File: File:Fight-to-repair cn.vtt
* Page: <>
  • User Liberation Polish translation
* Status: Translated and reviewed, but the version was not in .vtt so verifying that the text is in the right spot
* File: File:FSF 30
* Page: <>
  • FSF Heroes Dutch translation
* Status: Translated, send to potential reviewer
* File: Group:FSF/FSFHeroes_Video_Translation/nl
  • Windows 11 German translation
* Status: Translation received.Review was completed. It is published, but not quite on the right place on the Web site (FSF will be handling).
* Web page: <>
  • Pardus Turkish translation
* Status: translated, reviewed, and recently published.
* <> and <>
  • Escape to Freedom, Farsi (Persian)
* Status: translation draft received; reviewer needed
* File: Group:FSF/Escape-to-Freedom_Translation/fa
* Original: Video from <>
  • Escape to Freedom, Dutch (Netherlands)
* Status: translation draft received; reviewer has volunteered
* File: Group:FSF/Escape-to-Freedom_Translation/nl
* Original: Video from <>
  • Italian translation of *Richard Stallman's TEDx video: "Introduction to Free Software and the Liberation of Cyberspace"*
* Status: First draft is being worked on
* Note: Starting from the English version on a/v, as that is more up-to-date
* Web: <>
  • emailselfdefense (Vietnamese)
* Status: In process of being translated
* Page: None. Via email at the moment
* Questions: What is the best way to translate "server"? (‘server’ is typically translated as ‘máy chủ’, but that means ‘master machine’)