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What is DRM?

On the Trisquel forum DRM in the sense of D Restrictions M is used to describe when hardware manufacturers tie-in users to them as suppliers of parts or consumables using software means. E.g. Laptop BIOSes that prevent one installing free software friendly replacement WiFi cards or original manufacturer only inkjet ink catridges. This is a natural use given the underlying words.

What does DRM stand for

In at least the UK proprietary software and hardware industries the claimed D Rights M meaning has resulted in uses in conflagration with citizens' rights under EU wide Data Protection Rights legislation. If this has happened elsewhere in the EU then it needs to be said that neither version of 'DRM' has these meanings.

Doesn't DRM protect creators?

IHMO, following words miss the point - they are about sharing, not about the creators protection. Talking about piratecohelio will be much smarter!

Why is DRM bad for free software users?

What are the audience for that FAQ? Goofies-only? Maybe the FAQ can be more savvy-oriented?..