Judging companies actions regarding software freedom

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How can we judge if a company in an enemy, a partial ally, or whatever?

A lot of companies contribute to free software projects, but also lobby for laws that make free software illegal (patents), or push technologies that exclude free software (DRM). So, what are the criteria?


(See the template at the end of this page that you can use for starting a new page about a company)

  • Software patents
    • Lobbying legislators and courts
    • Aggressive use (either in court or by threatening projects)
    • Participation in aggressive
  • Digital Restrictions Management (DRM)
    • Lobbying legislators and courts
    • Implementing and promoting it
  • Software
    • Projects contributed to
      • Did they contribute something that the free software community didn't already have? (For example, Sun freeing OpenOffice was great because we didn't have an office suite that was so complete, but if someone else freed another office suite today, that would be great but it wouldn't be as useful a contribution as Sun's)
  • Public statements (FUD or support)

Companies to analyse


==Software patents==

===Lobbying legislators and courts===

===Aggressive use (in court or by threats)===

===Participation in aggressive coalitions===

== Digital Restrictions Management (DRM)==

===Lobbying legislators and courts===

===Implementing and promoting it===


===Projects contributed to===

==Public statements (FUD or support)==