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LibreWRT after LibrePlanet 2010

Please check out our new web site, - the below information is mostly historical, based on a conference that is now over.


If you're interested in joining us, please add yourself to our list of participants.

What can I do before LibrePlanet?

re: !librewrt before !libreplanet , learn about / play with !openwrt build system - - is an example build log.

Ping djbclark on libreplanet irc channel if you want to do more / to get commit access etc.


Combine a GNU/Linux distribution that has a good chance of making the FSF's list of Free System Distributions with what may be the most free end-user computing device on the planet, Sharism's Ben Nanonote (one of the goals of that project is to get another factory building them using only publicly available, copyleft information.)


Make it possible for freedom-loving people to use and the FSF to endorse the Ben Nanonote hardware, and future Nanonote designs that may include mobile phone features.


LibreWrt is a GNU/Linux distribution for computers with minimal resources, such as the Ben Nanonote, ath9k based wifi routers, and other hardware that respects your freedom.

LibreWrt aims for compliance with the Free Software Foundation / GNU Project's Guidelines for Free System Distributions.

Currently the web site for LibreWrt is




 fossil clone



Mailing Lists

LibrePlanet 2010 signup

If you're interested in joining us, please add yourself to our list of participants.

LibrePlanet Hackathon TODO


10 Ben Nanonotes will be available to Hacking space participants, and will be available for sale (at cost) if the goal of getting LibreWrt 0.1 up and running succeeds.

In addition participants should have a laptop, although one can be provided with advanced notice (request on the talk page).

Main Goal

Get initial version of LibreWrt up and running on a Ben Nanonote. This should be easier than many similar projects such as gNewSense and Blag, as LibreWrt's upstream is optimized for building the entire distribution from source.

Art Replacement

There is only one piece of user-visible art that clearly needs to be replaced, the on-boot banner. It would be goof to replace this with a version of the banner used in the gNewsense/metad yeeloong builds, which features a GNU and Freedo, the linux-libre mascot. The 100gnu+freedo.svg file can be used as the basis for the image (probably just need a format conversion).

Special Events

Saturday Night

People participating in this sprint have been invited to join MIT SIPB's "Hackasaurus Rex" event from after LibrePlanet on Saturday "until arbitrarily late" at their office on the 5th floor of the MIT Student center on 84 Massachusetts Ave (Danny can drive up to 4 people; it's also easy to get to on public transport).

Long believed to be extinct, it has recently been discovered that the Hackasaurus is live and well at MIT. Join the Student Information Processing Board ( for a day of code that the world will remember until the next extinction. Everybody is welcome, independent of programming experience!

  • What: A SIPB ( hackathon. Work on interesting new projects (we have plenty of them, but feel free to bring your own!). Eat free food and win excellent prizes.
  • Why: Because let's face it, coding is awesome.
  • How: You. A computer. SIPB office. The rest is obvious.