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We've put together this list of guidelines for speakers for both our events, but also as a basis for other people running free software events.

  • Remember, this is a free software conference. When talking about software that the user can share, modify and distribute, please call it Free Software or FLOSS, instead of Open Source or OSS.
  • When talking about terms that hurt our community, such as "Intellectual Property", consider alternative terms, or simply referring to these terms as quotations, ie say "quote Intellectual Property unquote".
  • Presenters should, where possible, deliver any slides in advance (to using OpenDocument presentation format. We'll provide laptops running fully-free GNU/Linux distributions for presenters to use.
    • Any slides which cannot be sent in advance should be presented using a free software operating system such as GNU/Linux.
  • If you aren't sure where to start with free software applications for presentations,, KPresent, LaTeX and S5 are all great ways to do smart looking presentations using free software.
  • Finally, when you're referring to an operating system with a Linux kernel, don't be afraid to call it GNU/Linux -- we're all friends here, and many of us work on building the GNU OS.

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