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Attn: We are headed for the same problem that happened last year - people will be on airplanes soon and won't know where to go / have trouble getting to this page etc.

  • Suggestion 1: Feel free to call djbclark at 617 four zero one 7245 if you don't have internet - put this number in your phone :-)
  • Suggestion 2: Default to meeting at 7pm Thursday at The Pulse Cafe, 195 Elm Street, Somerville, MA 02144 - if you get lost, their number is 617-625-1730 - put this number in your phone as well :-) (I've reserved a table for 10 under the name "Daniel Clark", and told them it was with a group for an event, LibrePlanet)

Nothing has been decided yet, but attendees can brainstorm suggestions.

It also might be good to get an approximation on how many people will be in town for dinner on the 18th.

Thursday Dinner

People Interested

  1. Colin (Get off work at 6p, get to harvard at 6:30)
  2. Colin: (also my wife)
  3. Delyan Raychev (flight lands @ 5:30p + 30mins = 6p for dinner?)
  4. User:jself (Taking a red-eye; flight lands @ 9:14a Thursday morning so anytime works for me.)
  5. Danny Clark (djbclark) - Local resident, can do whenever.
  6. Dennis Kibbe (dennisk) - Flying in about 5pm. Vegetarian or vegan works for me. Middle Earth is good.
  7. Ted Smith & Laura Sheys - Flying in at 4ish. Vegan.
  8. Francisco Treviño - Flying in at 1600, downtown around 1700, anything works for me.

Dietary Constraints


  • Veggie Planet (Harvard Square) (directions)
    • There's not much seating at Veggie Planet, so a group of more then four might have some trouble
  • Middle East (Central Square) (directions)
    • Falafal would be vegan friendly, and they are very good
  • Veggie Planet has the worst service ever and I think FSF is probably getting catering from Middle East - there is a new place I've heard good things about in nearby Davis Square, --Danny 03:30, 16 March 2010 (UTC)
    • I hadn't heard about The Pulse Cafe, and Davis is really convenient for me, so this gets my vote --lackita


  • 7:00 seems to work for everybody, does anybody have an issue with this?