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Thursday, March 18th (evening)

Hacking space

We're running hackspace for projects over the three days. Projects are encouraged to create a project profile listing, and anyone interested in hacking on projects should bring a GNU/Linux laptop.

Friday, March 19th

A full day of GNU Hackers Meeting events and workshops covering various ways to use free software.

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Saturday, March 20th

Address by RMS, and keynotes from other free software and GNU speakers with presentations on key free software projects.

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  • There is an official FSF party after this event, at Tommy Doyles. That's a bar/restaurant, not a dude's house. It's in Harvard Square: 96 Winthrop Street, cambridge, MA.

Sunday, March 21st

Lightning talks and presentations by attendees covering free software projects, practical steps in advocacy and diversity, and a GNU track with maintainers presenting on both their own projects and ideas for improving GNU overall.

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