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What is it about?

  • There will be a Replicant install party at LibrePlanet 2013, Replicant is a 100% free software Android distribution.
  • We could also install FDroid to people(really easy).

Why is it important?

  • The Android that you get on your phone right after buying it is non-free(only the linux kernel(but its firmwares) is free software)
  • Cyanogenmod contains non-free libraries.
  • The non-free libraries were found to spy on the people, see This port for more details.

Reservation (for people wanting Replicant to be installed on their device).

Here's the list of supported devices:

Devices that we can install Replicant on

  • Galaxy S (Replicant 4.0) GSM version
  • Nexus S (Replicant 4.0) GSM version
  • Galaxy S2 (Replicant 4.0) GSM version
  • Galaxy Nexus (Replicant 4.0) GSM version
  • Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 GSM (Replicant 4.0) GSM version
  • Galaxy Tab 2 10.0 GSM (Replicant 4.0) GSM version

Device we're not supporting at the install

  • Nexus One (Replicant 2.3): Requires non free firmwares (we cannot and don't want to redistribute them).
  • HTC Dream (Replicant 2.2): old device, has to be already running cyanogenomod. we can make exceptions for it but there will be no more updates from replicant for this device.
  • HTC Magic (Replicant 2.2): old device, has probably to be running cyanogenmod(not sure), we can make exceptions for it but there will be no more updates from replicant for this device.

What to know/bring with you

  • bring the usb cable corresponding to your device just in case.
  • The installation will wipe everything, so backup it first or ask the installers to backup it for you(in that case it's better if you bring an usb key or external hard drive for the backup).
  • we do not reflash the bootloader.
  • look at The Replicant status Note that we won't install the non-free firmwares on top of Replicant, so wifi and bluetooth won't work. we have workarrounds such as using data or a computer to connect your phone to the internet.

Insert your name and device(s) below

The reservation is not mandatory but it could help us prepare better.

  • Example-person: Galaxy Nexus

Organization (for people installing coreboot on the users computers)

People involved in the installation

  • Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli
    • One of the founders of the Replicant project
    • Still participate in Replicant(now the main developer is Paul Kocialkowski(paulk))

What we need to bring/have

  • a mini-usb cable (Denis has one)
  • a micro-usb cable (Denis has one)
  • a galaxy tab 2 7.0 GSM cable (Denis has one)
  • a laptop with fastboot and heimdall and the images ready (Denis has one)
  • a laptop with the replicant sources just in case (Denis has one)
  • Internet for the instructions(usefull for heimdall compatibles devices).
  • A serial cable(not very usefull but we never know) (Denis has one for the samsung phones having a micro-usb connector)

Freedom Challanges

  • Replicant doesn't redistribute the non-free firmwares, without theses the Wifi and Bluetooth won't work.
  • What to do if the user really need or wants Wifi/Bluetooth? => we cannot install the firmware for him.
  • What to do if:
    • The user has a stock Android => we install FDroid
    • his device is supported by cyanogenmod => we install FDroid and do not install cyanogenmod that has non-free software in it(the libraries).
    • his device is not supported by Replicant => we install FDroid


  • make a guide to identify the different version of the same model.
  • Contact FSFE to ask for advises on how to organize it because they're used to do that kind of install parties.