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March 21-22 in Cambridge, MA

Want to share a quick idea for a workshop, topic, or a speaker you’d like to see at LibrePlanet? Please let us know your thoughts in our conference brainstorm page.

Conference Brainstorm Page | Conference Web Site

Technical information about streaming

If you would like to share a quick idea for a workshop, topic, or a speaker you’d like to see at LibrePlanet, please add your thoughts below. You'll have to use the buttons in at the upper right to sign in to this wiki or make an account.

Workshop ideas

  • A crash courses on combatting surveillance, for the uninitiated, with cheat sheets. Could be followed by a masterclass in email self-defense and a key-signing session.
  • Collaborative development using git SCM tool. Git probably is the prevalent DVCS tool nowadays and it is used to drive many free software projects. But its usage seems not to be simple at all (e.g. see recent talks on emacs-devel mailing list) and some help, guidance and discussions on this would be very helpful.

Topic ideas

  • About getting children involved in software Coder Dojos, young rewired state, etc. Does Cory Doctrow young adult sci fi novels help free software? Maybe get a workshop going for children?
  • About being green: Also let parents know that they can get laptops on the cheap and install gnu/linux. Cheaper than rasberry pi. Androind vs ibad: what happens with old tablets and phones: replicant and cyanogenmod.
  • About the convenience of using scientific methods to study and evaluate the size and growth rate of the free software community.
  • About the convenience of regularly highlighting and releasing for publication the results of these aforementioned studies.
  • About organizing a world wide fight against digital illiteracy.
  • About Decentralization principles and the related tools that can empower and liberate the people.
  • How Cryptography and GNUPGP software tools can empower the free software community.

Speaker ideas

Other suggestions

  • The conference could be made more two-tiered/speeded this time around, to appeal to the uninitated/unconcerned. Maybe we could even offer a discounted registration for people who wanted to attend only the dipping-your-toes-into-free-software workshops. The workshops could be devoted to practical matters that would answer basic questions, like:
    • how to migrate (or where to find the information on how to migrate) to free software (already suggested by someone else in the topics section, above), in whole or in part
    • good substitutes for your favorite propietary programs
    • how to help combat surveillance
    • how to encrypt e-mail

Screening the movie Terms and Conditions May Apply (suggested on the last conference's brainstorming page---"As far as I can see, it has not been show in MA yet and this conference might be an opportunity to get a group together to view it. Details here:") could be part of this.

  • Create a laminated one- or two-page free software why-and-how-to handout. (We could sell if for, like, a dollar, or something.)