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FSF Associate Member Meeting

Are you an FSF associate member? If so, join your fellow associate members for a feedback and visioning session over lunch. Share your thoughts on the Foundation, the free software movement, and what you want to see more of. This event is organized by associate members with the support of the FSF, and notes from the meeting will be shared with FSF staff. RSVP on the LibrePlanet wiki so we make sure to have enough lunch! Donations for food are welcome but not required.

  • When: 12:35 - 13:35, Sunday, 3/25
  • Where: Room 32-155 at MIT's Stata Center (the building where most LibrePlanet sessions take place)


Add your name here!

  • Giri Swaminathan
  • Richard L. Schmeidler
  • Kevin Cole
  • Mary-Anne Wolf
  • Josh Ferris
  • Nicolas Pettiaux
  • Philip Durbin
  • Arthur Torrey
  • Paul M. Ellingwood
  • Milan Kupcevic
  • Patrick McDermott
  • Rita Nagel
  • Arthur Nagel
  • Lori Nagel
  • Alex Claffey
  • Victor Claffey
  • Zachary Emmert
  • Rodrigo R. Silva (pitanga)
  • Ales Hvezda
  • Dana Moser
  • Chris Carrigan Brolly
  • Aimee Maree Forsstrom
  • Jason Stryker
  • Thomas Levine
  • Bob Evans
  • Scott C. MacCallum
  • Beth Lynn Eicher
  • Sajith T. S.
  • Michael McMahon
  • Ted Stocker
  • Emmanuel Morales
  • Jonathan Frederickson
  • Marcus Wilson
  • Pariksheet Nanda
  • Eugene Kovalev
  • Diego Crespo
  • Andrea Parri
  • Simon Parri
  • Eric Bavier
  • Bob Murphy
  • Paul Morris
  • Toby Cabot