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Free software/utopia by Deborah Nicholson

My name is Deb Nicholson. Today I'm going to talk about free software and utopia... I work at the Software Freedom Conservancy which is itself a fairly idealistic organization. We are a fiscal home for about 50 free software projects that are all community-driven, bound to the public interest because we are a charitable organization. So we think about how the world could be, all the time...

When I thing about utopia, awake at night... what should the world be like? I hope that we agree on a couple of things, that it involves justice and transparency and empowerment. When I think about the utopia I hope that some of the things that are common to our ideas don't involve a large section of the population being kept in the dark and not in control of anything, and then a couple of other people, maybe four or five large companies like Amazon being in charge of everything and then just pestering us with ads all day... So I hope we have some kind of personal autonomy, some kind of transparency, some sort of control over our lives online might be part of that utopia.