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As a consequence of our bringing the conference online, the LibrePlanet 2020 streaming setup is a little bit different than the one we have used in past years. As we had a large number of remote speakers, we hosted our own Jitsi instance for remote speakers to connect to and enter a video "call" with the conference organizers. Some details of the Jitsi Meet configuration were tuned up to remove links to non-free services or proprietary browser download sites.

A screen capture of this call was then simultaneously recorded by the FSF tech team, and streamed out to the world via Gstreamer and Icecast. An improved version of the script we used can be found here:;a=summary

Our three digital conference rooms all had similar streaming setups with the second monitor being broadcast with gstreamer to Icecast. The desktops used librebooted ASUS KGPE-D16 motherboards. If a talk was pre-recorded, it was played locally on the machine with mpv. If a presenter had trouble sharing their screen with Jitsi to show their slides, the slides were stored locally ahead of time and controlled by the streamer as a backup solution.