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Due to concerns over the COVID-19 outbreak, the Free Software Foundation has canceled all officially sanctioned "extracurricular" events.

For health and safety reasons, we discourage against large groups of people meeting at this time. The events below are not in any way sanctioned or endorsed by the FSF.

Organized dinners
Theme Organizer(s) Location Time Contact info RSVP! (Your name here!)
Do you support a United Ireland? Join us for pints and politics at Emmet's Irish Pub, Beacon St (near the FSF office) -- come join us and toast to the future of Irish culture and the Irish people. No need to confirm, just show up and get yourself a Guinness, whiskey or soft drink. Please note that Bushmills is not welcome at the event and this is not an FSF sanctioned event. Ireland.png

You can show this image at the event if you're looking to meet others.

Free Software, Free Society (Day 3 of 3 -- yes, this dinner occurs on 3 nights, come to any/all events) Emmet's Irish Pub 7:30 Still going ahead despite the conference being online. If you're in Boston, come have a jar. Don't RSVP. This event is OTR.