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THIS is where you will find all the information on the Member Meeting


Jason Self, Devin Ulibarri, Mariah Villarreal

How to join

  • LINK to join the BBB
  • PW -- was shared via email
  • IRC via Freenode: \#fsf-members


- Review of 2020: 1. What do you think the FSF did well? 2. What could have been done better?

- Feedback on current campaigns: What kinds of campaigns do you think the FSF should have?

- Feedback & Comments On The FSF's Licensing Resources

- Feedback on the Free Software Directory

- What kinds of goals do you have for the FSF?

- Feedback about LibrePlanet 2021 online

- How can the Free Software Foundation help members become more involved?

- Other questions for the FSF

- What do you think of the animated videos? What would you like to see us do that would be a good way to create awareness with the general audience. (Think more animated videos, podcast episodes, live events with invitations or any other ideas)

- What do you think about the Jitsi server as a benefit? Do you have ideas for benefits that might attract more members / be appreciated by existing members? Any benefits we offer that don't seem that useful?