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Libreplanet 2021's Trivia quiz game show notes.

  • From the GNU project what two scripts make up Config. Bonus for licensing.
  • GNU config.guess and config.sub scripts.
  • GNU General Public License v3.0 or later with exception
  • <>
  • Initially released in November 2003, name this widely used vector graphics editor which is free software. Bonus for how it is licensed.
  • Inkscape
  • GPLv3 or later
  • On July 28, 1987 a game called NetHack was released to the world and is currently licensed under the NetHack General Public License(NGPL). What previous license was the NGPL based on? What year was the NGPL published?
  • Bison General Public License. The BGPL was the precursor to the GNU GPL.
  • NGPL was published in 1989.
  • <>
  • Name the infamous conspiracy to incorporate planned obsolescence for the entire light bulb market. Bonus points for the year it was founded.
  • The Phoebus cartel existed to control the manufacture and sale of incandescent light bulbs. They appropriated market territories and fixed the useful life of such bulbs. January 1925.
  • <>
  • Who has the power to enforce the GPL?
  • Since the GPL is a copyright license, the copyright holders of the software are the ones who have the power to enforce the GPL.
  • If you see a violation of the GPL, you should inform the developers of the GPL-covered software involved. They either are the copyright holders, or are connected with the copyright holders. <>