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Venue for 2020 is the Delta Waterloo:

Where to Stay


The easiest way to get around Kitchener/Waterloo core areas is to use the ION train operated by Grand River Transit. Single-ride tickets, day passes, and fare cards can be purchased with cash, credit, or debit cards at vending machines at each station. The same fare cards and passes will work on city buses, which also take cash on board.

There is a dockless bike rental pilot running, but it requires a proprietary app for now.

Arriving in the city

From Toronto

Take GO train in Friday night and back Monday morning. GO trains at the Kitchener end are not too far from an ION station.

From Airport YKF

There is a taxi stand at YKF that can get you in to town, either directly to your destination or to Central Station from which you can take an ION train.

From Airport YYZ

Most people will take a taxi or car service (such as to and from YYZ, but it is also possible to take the UP to a GO connection.