License Awareness (LP09)

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License Awareness

Creative Commons has acheived a degree of popular awareness over licensing terms which FSF has yet to match. Arguably FSF licenses have had comparable or better awareness in the relevant community of software developers. Yet misconceptions about FSF licenses seem more common than good understanding even amongst developers who use them habitually.

How can we capture the popular awareness over FSF licenses comparable to the attention Creative Commons has had? How can we bring the dynamism of the artists and political activists into FSF license awareness as had been done with the anti-DRM campaigns?

Where are the AGPL3 T-shirts?

Where are the version 3 forms of CC-GNU GPL, CC-GNU LGPL, AGPL3, and FDL equivalents? One advantage of this association is signifying the license in machine readable code which can be discovered by web spiders and revealed in services showing what license applies to particular projects.