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Sheffield University Free Software Society. Plus Patent Absurdity


This meeting is a double bill. A talk by Chris Warburton on the Sheffield University Free Software Society (FSS) and then a screening of Patent Absurdity.

Patent Absurdity is a documentary about software patents.

Chris Warburton is the founder of FSS and its exiting president.

The meeting will take place at the usual time, 7pm, at the Lass O'Gowrie pub on Charles Street in Central Manchester. We will be located in the Salmon Room upstairs, although there will be people around a little earlier downstairs (probably sampling the food and drinks on offer). Just ask at the bar if you can't find us. The Lass website has full details of how to get there and the fine selection of food and drink available. The venue also provides wifi.

If you would like five minutes to tell us about something, please contact us.

Lightning Talks

Who’s Coming?

  1. Mike


Who’s Not Coming?