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Ideas for future co-working

Manchester Coworking is an experiment in co-working being run by Matt Lee on 20th of November 2007.

The event is at Manchester Digital Development Agency on Portland St.

  • Yes, there is Wifi.
  • Yes, there is tea and coffee - it's Fairtrade.

People who came are:-

  1. Matt Lee (here!)
  2. Alan Burlison (here!)
  3. Ben Gibbs (here!)
  4. Simon Wheatley (here!)
  5. Emma Rush (here!)
  6. Chris Maiden (here!)
  7. Patrick Cherry
  8. Michael Sparks
  9. Alex Hough
  10. Dan Hardiker
  11. Andrew Threlfall (here!)
  12. Paul Robinson
  13. Ian Moss (here!)
  14. David Roberts

People coming are:-

  1. Shaun Rowe
  2. Aidan McGuire (arriving late in the day)

The purpose of this wiki page is to help flesh out some ideas of the kind of things we're doing, things we'd like to get out of it and things for the day itself - like what time we'll start, what time we'll stop and food and such.

It would be nice if we could get a company or companies to sponsor the food. If you're coming and you run your own company, please consider this.

Apart from that, please edit below here and enjoy!

I will pick up the food tab - or rather Sun will :-) --alanbur 18:26, 12 November 2007 (EST)