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  • For the format of the email and website promotion see previous ones.
  • From the speaker we should get a bit about the speaker and the talk. This is because some potential attendees will base their attendance on this information and its likely to get some to attend who otherwise wouldn't.
  • Talks should be advertised after the previous talk but before the end of the previous month. This is so the potential attendees have time to plan but are not confused with which talk is on which date.
  • A reminder should be sent a few days before the talk. This is to get those who were going attend but had forgotten and a second attempt to persuade others to attend.

Meetings are promoted to

I, Chair, am currently publicising the talks to our websites and our mailing list only. Leaving further promotion, such as posting to mailing lists, to others. I think this less spam like, leaving MFS members on other mailing lists to make the decision to post or not.


Mailing Lists

Social Networking


On occasion advertised to: