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We have a selection of books, badges and stickers for sale, some of which are kindly donated by the Free Software Foundation. Proceeds go to Manchester Free Software.

Please email if you are interested in purchasing anything listed on this page.

Badges cost 50p each.

Stickers cost 20p each. Except the 'GNU/Linux inside', 'Warning DRM' and 'GNU & Linux' stickers, which are free.

The full selection of badges and stickers can be available at a monthly meeting on request.

Title Type Cost(£)
Free Software, Free Society Hardback 16
Free Software, Free Society 2nd ed. Paperback 10
GNU Make Softback 16
Emacs Lisp Softback 14
Texinfo Softback 35
GNU C Library System and Network Applications for glibc version 2.3.x Hardback 38
GNU Emacs Manual Fifteenth Edition for GNU Emacs version 21 Softback 29
Using GCC (for version 3.3.1) Softback 29
GNU Radius Softback 16
The Bison Manual Softback 16
GNU MDK (GNU MIX Development Kit) Softback 12
Debugging with GDB: The GNU Source Level Debugger for GDB Version 5.1.1 Softback 19
FLEX: The Lexical Scanner Generator. Edition 1.03 for Flex Version 2.3.7 Softback, ringbound 12