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Software Freedom Day (SFD) 2010 in Manchester

Event Reports


We had a rocky start which meant we were still setting up when the event officially opened, something I had hope to avoid. Les Pounder, Rick Vause, Rob McLellan and Tony Hughes from Blackpool LUG had a well set out stall of machines running Ubuntu, it showed that they have done stalls before and they provided OpenDisc DVDs. And we had Mark White with Moodle, Azizur Rahman with Wordpress, Chris Maiden with Drupal, Michael Walker with Arch/Hurd, Bob Clough with Robots and Arduinos on Free Software, Samantha Bail with Free Software on the Mac, and Anthony Harrison with Free Software on Windows. I was an organiser and greeter.

The morning had a steady trickle of visitors. Helpers and visitors mixed and engaged with each other. I went for lunch and had a discussion with people that had organised other types of events, it was very cathartic. After lunch there were not so many visitors which was a surprise as I thought the afternoon would be the busy half. As we were packing up someone from the pub opposite wandered across and asked about the 'free' software. We explained that it was about freedom not price, which he got and was interested. I wanted to give him an OpenDisc DVDs but they had gone with the Blackpool LUG team so I gave him an Ubuntu CD.

A big thanks to all that helped including Madlab and Dave Mee for hosting the event.

SFD2011 in Manchester:

  • Have Greeters.
  • Plenty of time for setup including briefing helpers on the purpose of the day.
  • Have lots MFS leaflets with next talk on.
  • Hand out leaflets in the street on the day?
  • Ask visitors where they heard about the event so we know what advertising works.


Well I arrived very late but had an excellent time, talked to all sorts of interesting people and learned a lot about Arch/Hurd (Surely the most esoteric one can get!). On the down-side, it was fairly geek-dominated, every so often members of the public wondered in and probably found it a wee bit intimidating but somebody would go over and chat to them and they seemed to basically be ok.


Software Freedom Day is a world wide celebration and promotion of Software Freedom.


Saturday, September 18th, 2010.


Madlab - Manchester Digital Laboratory, 36-40 Edge Street, Manchester M4 1HN.
"(Between Thomas St and the Craft Centre, opposite A Bar Called Common)"

Who’s Coming?

  • Mike

Take Your Turn

Time People
Set-up ~9am
12 -2
2 -4
4 -6