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Abhradip Mukherjee

Group: Passion4Freedom

Bio: Currently a member of 12 member nationwide Working Group of FSF-India. Contact me at (9231443728) for any help conducting your events. Also join the Passion4Freedom at . To know more about benefits in joining P4F visit . To share audio/videos, documentations relating to Free Software Movement visit .

Contact: (9231443728)

Kuriakose Paul

Its a free world! Software is freedom from bondage of hardware. Long live Freedom and free software!

vinay Shukla

Hi, i am vinay Shukla

working as a system analyst at Diagonal InfoTech, Delhi, India

I am glad to be a volunteer of FSF, and i am pretty much sure about this project is going to enhance our technical capabilities, and also helpful for developing countries.


[[Image:File:Vinay shukla]] Diagonal InfoTech, Delhi Linux User # 454526 Skype- vinayshukla1 AIM- vinshukla Yahoo- vny_shukla

Cell > +91-9810787142 [1]

Ananth , Kiran Kumar

Hi, This is Ananth , Kiran Kumar

Working as Quality Analist at sspl Technology ,

Hyderabad ,India

I am very happy being a voluntary member in FSF ,

I am sure this project is simply super , It helps more and

more countries in Developing ,

Thanks and Regards

Ananth , Kiran Kumar


Member Directory

Prashant Bhalesain

India needs free open source softwares in every walk of life. Government should be using free softwares wherever they could so that every citizen could afford at the same time reducing the cost paid by the taxpayers. Every school should be using free open source software as that is the only way to make them innovative, creative. Increase their curiosity. Learn something new every day. If you believe in it drop me an email.

- Prashant Bhalesain

Yagnesh Desai

Helping myself to understand the Freedom.

I could not believe this page format and that to for the country like India which is providing software services to world . . !

- Yagnesh Desai

Anil Prasad

Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram Government Servant & Supporting Online Free and Open Distance Learning activities using out-of-office hours.

Community Council Member for project Persoanl page

Warm regards, Anil Prasad