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Important of effective approaches

Don't start off confrontational - you can lose people for a long time.

Be practical - have practical alternatives

don't jump ahead of them on the curve of implications of the issues

need some basic, short messages - 5 minutes for general radio program

You are giving control over your set top box to others and over your voting machines and thus your democracy. Doesn't bode well for you in the future

It's about rights, not price - don't be suckered in by limited-time givaways

Get message out via local talk radio, letters to editor, etc

Explain sony rootkit thing - pissed off people, businesses, etc.

Explain broadcast flag - story of senator who said - you mean I couldn't copy my music to my ipod?

Talk about synergy with adam smith's work

  • self interest motivates - its about the freedom to do what I want to do without restrictions.
  • note he has been misinterpreted since then also.
  • he was not against regulation, or promoting freedom to destroy environment.

Point out economic development benefits - local jobs to develop/support software

  • Voting machines running on Free Software mean jobs -- this is a hook for politicians because they can bring jobs to their constituents. Free Software can be modified, proprietary software means the jobs stay where they are now (with the proprietor).

Write more free software that appeals to wider variety of folks

Consider what the appropriate role for FSF is in outreach and advocacy, and how to best partner with other organizations.