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This page is a current listing of RTC zines and mirrors. All RTC publications are released under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license where applicable.

The GNU Radical

This is the RTC's first zine. It covers a wide array of topics in our areas of interest.

An Anarchist's Guide to Free Software

AAGTFS covers the basic background philosophy of the free software movement, explains why anarchists need to use and rely only on free software, and explains the threat that non-free software poses to anarchism as a movement.

Privacy Enhancing Technologies

PETs provides an overview of cryptography and anonymity as concepts, and discusses several programs and networks which implement those concepts. Consider it a look at the basis of security culture in cyberspace.

RTC Installfest Manual

This is an instruction-oriented how-to guide for setting up a secure, free operating system. It covers installation of Ubuntu with Full-Disk Encryption, creation of a GPG keypair, and installation and configuration of popular anonymity software.