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Libre Software

Libre Hardware

  • Certified hardware by FSF RYF
  • FSF-RYF compliant
    • FSF-RYF compliant - These products, are entriely meet the FSF criteria but are not certified.
      • Arduino
      • RTL-SDR
    • With minor flaws - These products are usable with libre software but a few non-critical features may require non-libre software. For most uses, it is easy to workaround the proprietary components.
    • With serious flaws - The core functionality of these boards is usable with only libre software, but important features are missing. While these flaws have workarounds, these workarounds are often complex. In particular, these products have unsigned, libre boot firmware, but they lack libre software for accelerated graphics.
    • With Fatal flaws - Products in these categories either require non-libre software to even boot or enforce signature checks on their bootloader to prevent replacement with libre software.