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Group pages should just use something like, say, Category : Lug (for libre user group?), then they would all be listed, alphabetically, on that category page. Like this:


Then, the "List of groups" link in the side bar could simply link to that category, thus:

[[:Category:Lug|List of groups]]

You would see a link the same as you currently see, but it would link to the category page on which they would all be listed/linked. (note the colon before Category, which allows it to link to that category without labeling that page as such).

Another suggestion might be to have them also be categorized by geographical location, so, for instance, were I to start a group here, in New Haven, CT, USA, I would have these categories:

[[Category:Lug]] [[Category:Connecticut]] [[Category:USA]]

or something.

This way, even if I used some name that didn't clearly indicate the location (such as Bulldog Libre Dudes, or whatever), potential members in the local are could still find the group easily.

This would make it easier to

  1. list all groups on one page;
  2. find groups by geographical region; and
  3. keep the wiki/site organized.

Mediawiki has all kinds of useful features, but, it seems few of them are being effectively implemented here.
I've only been administering a Mediawiki, myself, for about a week, and I've learned tons. Of course, I've been editing page, contributing to Wikipedia, for years, and have also administered a Dokuwiki and a PmWiki, so, I'm not new to "wiki-ing".

--Tbaldwin 19:04, 30 March 2011 (EDT)