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GNU Consensus Marker: BIZANTINE

GNU/consensus/markers are used to indicate existing or potential issues that need to be addressed. Interested contributors can access a description of the problem, current issues, and related developer discussion.

The BIZANTINE marker indicates that the system is vulnerable to Bizantine Fault or Failure. A sophisticated attacker may isolate a user from the network and make her believe she's still connected, while she's running into a simulation controlled by the attacker.


Use all-caps!

{{BIZANTINE}} will link to a #BIZANTINE section in the same page.

{{BIZANTINE PageName}} will link to a specific page detailing the issue.

The BIZANTINE section or page can be created using a form. (TODO: add link to this form)


List of Pages with the BIZANTINE Marker

See a list of all pages marked with BIZANTINE.


Example section for the example. This section would:

  • describe the problem
  • describe what the project is doing to address it
  • list issues related to this problem
  • link to developer discussion about it