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GNU Consensus Marker: BOFH

GNU/consensus/markers are used to indicate existing or potential issues that need to be addressed. Interested contributors can access a description of the problem, current issues, and related developer discussion.

The BOFH marker indicates that the system can be compromised if the system administrator is compromised or defects. A rogue administrator can access most or all of a user's data, including personally-identifiable data, and can actually act as the user, without the user's consent or knowledge. In other words, the BOFH marker indicates users must trust the system administrator to be genuinely cooperative, and trust that the system is secure from remote attacks that would grant an attacker with sysadmin powers.

Hint: most used systems on the Internet are currently vulnerable to rogue sysadmins.


Use all-caps!

{{BOFH}} will link to an #BOFH section in the same page.

{{BOFH PageName}} will link to a specific page detailing the issue.

The BOFH section or page can be created using a form. (TODO: add link to this form)


List of Pages with the BOFH Marker

See a list of all pages marked with BOFH.


Example section for the example. This section would:

  • describe the problem
  • describe what the project is doing to address it
  • list issues related to this problem
  • link to developer discussion about it