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This is the "LanguageOtherMsg" template. Edit the page to see the template text.


This template is designed to be called as a sub-template from Template:Languages to return localized translations for the "In other languages" message.

Important note - This template should not be used anywhere except in Template:Languages. It doesn't display properly when not included. Please see Template:Languages for the complete version. Please, do not edit if you are not REALLY sure about what you are doing.

Note - The includet cases are all poached here (from translatewiki.net).


It should be called in the following format:



  • <LangCode> is the (2-digit lowercase) language code (ISO 639-1) of the language to translate to the "In other languages:" message.

If there is no match for <LangCode>, it returns by default the string "In other languages" (en).