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GNU Consensus Marker: SPOF

GNU/consensus/markers are used to indicate existing or potential issues that need to be addressed. Interested contributors can access a description of the problem, current issues, and related developer discussion.

The Single Point of Failure marker indicates that the system can be compromised if this SPOF is compromised. Usually SPOFs lead to denial of service and can negate the properties of a system (e.g., de-anonymizing users if the software provides anonymity).


Use all-caps!

{{SPOF}} will link to a #SPOF section in the same page.

{{SPOF PageName}} will link to a specific page detailing the issue.

The SPOF section or page can be created using a form. (TODO: add link to this form)


List of Pages with the SPOF Marker

See a list of all pages marked with SPOF.


Example section for the example. This section would:

  • describe the problem
  • describe what the project is doing to address it
  • list issues related to this problem
  • link to developer discussion about it