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Username Aitux
Full name Aitor Ruano Miralles
Tasks Completed
City Amposta
State Tarragona
Country Spain
Age 17
Website (http = go) http://ihackgnus (http = go)
Freenode Username AiTuX
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Why I prefer Free Software Because I think freedom is essential, it always has been, humans need it, and is and injustice trying to forbid it. (I have always hate control :P)
Experience with Free Software Since I started to feel curious about the computers world I wanted to introduce myself on the programming languages, I started programming on Windows with "Visual Basic", yes, I know, an horror, but, not conformed at all I started to search more information about my interests, then I found "linux", a bit confusing at first but I quickly learned that the correct name was GNU/Linux and that there were several distributions of this OS, so I started with Ubuntu which was the one that had more users, step by step I was getting deeper on this world, when suddenly I read somewhere that Ubuntu wasn't free (speech) at all, I couldn't allow that due to my passion for programming, so I move myself to Trisquel and started to try to get even more involved with free software, publishing posts on my blog talking about free software and trying to help with high priority projects of the FSF, with not too much success I have to say...

And this is all, finally I have finished here trying to help free software so much as I can :)

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17 years old, born to hack. Catalan, brown hair, about 1'85m tall. Like movies like The Matrix trilogy, Star Wars, Revolution OS :P...