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Username Ajroach4
Full name Andrew Roach
Groups FSF/Community Team/Planning
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City Dallas
State Georgia
Country USA

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My name is Andrew Roach, I'm an active reader of several Gawker sites, BoingBoing, and several other websites related to software and technology news. I spend nearly as much time participating in several online music communities (I've been closely watching the [] mailing list for some time now.)

5 Articles- Read and respond

With regards to "Why Open Source Misses the Point of Free Software": The free software movement (is it ok for me to call it a movement?) is a social movement. It reaches far beyond the boundaries of the PC in front of me, and out into the world. As far as I can tell, Free Software and, by extension, The FSF is less about software, and more about freedom. I stand for, We stand for, copyright reform, we stand for user's rights, we stand for an end to Digital Restrictions Management. Our goal is to present people with the right to tool a piece of software to meet their needs, or to watch a movie that they have purchased, to read the book that they've bought. So why refer to the whole movement as "the Free Software Movement" ? or is there another name that I've missed.

Excerpt: 1

Richard Stallman started the FSF in order to promote open source software like the Linux operating system, as an alternative to expensive software like Windows.

Richard Stallman started the FSF in order to promote Free Software, that's Free as in Freedom. The FSF contends that Free Software differs from Open Source Software ideologically. You could have a company fund DRM, and release the source code: Open Source DRM. You could never have Free DRM, it goes against the principals of the movement. I point this out in order to help promote the ideals of the FSF, not simply GNU/Linux and the other software they are responsible fore.


Now with cloud computing and web-based applications, even Linux users can use the same software as everyone else, through their browsers. With other popular programs like Skype and Adobe Flash producing Linux versions, the Linux desktop may finally be catching on!

If only it were this easy! Sadly, with web-based applications comes a loss of control over your data. What happens when the company that runs your favorite web-app goes under, or starts selling your data? The day I, as a GNU/Linux user, hand my data over to somone else's sever (of unknown secuirty) is the day I give up on Free software. If you need something to get excited about, look at HTML 5. Be excited that it is going to make flash obsolete! or any of the many Free VOIP programs. Be excited that there are people in the world writing programs to protect your freedom as a computer user, and as an individual!


When combined with the other chapters that include statutory damages, search and seizure powers for border guards, anti-camcording rules, and mandatory disclosure of personal information requirements, it is clear that there is no bigger intellectual property issue today than the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement being negotiated behind closed doors this week in Korea.

The way you have worded this is a bit unclear to me. Intellectual Property (IP) is a confusing blanket term that generally includes Copyright, Patents, and Trademarks. Because of the seriousness of this issue, perhaps you would like to clarify what you meant by IP?

I have a tendency to get a bit long winded, sorry. Other than that, I look forward to doing what I can to support the cause.

Thanks guys, --Andrew

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